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Cuisinart Prep Plus 7 Cup Food Processor

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Cuisinart Prep Plus 7 Cup Food Processor Cuisinart Prep Plus 7 Cup Food Processor

Grind, chop, or cut your foods with ease when you use the Cuisinart Prep Plus 7 Cup Food Processor (DLC2007N). This food processor features a 7 cup Lexan & reg work bowl that allows you to put a large amount of food inside to be mixed. A wide mouth feed tube enables you to add foods that are ready to be chopped inside so you won’t have to worry about them taking up too much counter space, while the included small & large food pushers make it easy to move the food down to the mixing bowl while still keeping your hands safe from the mixing blades.

This processor includes stainless steel shredding and slicing discs that easily cut through almost any food while still being easy to clean any time. The touchpad fingertip controls maintain an easy operation so you won’t need to consult the product manual every time you want to make a recipe, and the BPA free plastic ensures that your foods will be safe to consume by any person of any age. Ideal for any kitchen, this food processor will help you with any meal you are cooking.

    • Large Quantity:

      The included Lexan&reg work bowl can hold up to 7 cups of food, so you can make a large amount for everyone

  • Stainless Steel Discs:

    The stainless steel chopping and slicing discs allow you to make foods with ease, while still being easy to clean

  • BPA Free:

    As a BPA free appliance, you can be sure not to worry about BPA chemicals tainting or destroying the integrity and quality of your foods

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