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Green Pepper Seeds

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  • Green Pepper Seeds - CookingWithKimberly.com Kitchen GardenWant to grow your very own Green Pepper Plants at your home?
  • Want to have a green pepper plant to get you through the winter with fresh peppers?
  • Who doesn’t? lol

You will receive 12 of these green pepper seeds that will produce large, green, crisp peppers that are perfect for Stuffed Peppers recipe, salads and the like.

These green pepper seeds are organically grown and came right out of the ‘Cooking with Kimberly’ Kitchen Garden in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Grow your own and know what goes into your produce. You are able to control it being grown organically, and you`ll also get the reward of succeeding in growing plants, which can be a very soothing activity.

So, ‘find your Zen‘ and eat well…

* There are limited quantities – order today!

* Be sure you are able to receive seeds in the mail to your country. It is not the responsibility of CWK, your package is refused. There are no refunds for this reason.

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