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Stainless Steel Polish by Caron & Doucet Cuisine

Non-toxic, plant-based & effective for polishing stainless steel & chrome in your kitchen & home.

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This easy to use non toxic formulation was created to restore the original sheen to stainless steel and chrome kitchen appliances. When used regularly this STAINLESS STEEL POLISH leaves a protective barrier that helps repel fingerprints and streaks.

Stainless Steel Polish from Caron & DoucetSpray a small amount of polish on a soft cloth and wipe evenly across entire surface until no residue remains.

A non-toxic product made with 100% plant-based ingredients. This natural formulation delivers uncompromising performance while being safe and easy to use.

It works like a dream! Ingrid Turner

Whether you’re looking to shine up your stainless steel or chrome in your kitchen, your BBQ, or stainless steel decor or fixtures, this is the product you’ve been looking for.

Caron & Doucet Cuisine Stainless Steel Polish is non-toxic, 100% plant-based, and contains no mineral oil. It’s safe to use on all of your stainless steel & chrome surfaces.

To use this product, you should wipe your surfaces clean to remove oil and dirt, so you don’t scratch your surfaces while polishing.

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It’s as easy as using a few sprays of this stainless steel polish, as a little goes a super long way, on a clean, soft, dry cloth and rubbing the polish over the surface of what is being polished. Keep rubbing until there is no residue.

You can take a clean, dry, soft cloth to finish polishing.

Don’t wash those cloths. Keep one cloth as the designated one to use with Caron & Doucet’s Stainless Steel Polish, because you use it again & again. You will need to add less product for subsequent uses.

This product is easy to use, and comes in an 80 ml spray bottle that will last you a long time, allowing you to polish stainless steel & chrome to your heart’s content.

Caron & Doucet also has other amazing products that are helpful in your kitchen, and are difficult to find elsewhere, like cutting board was, cutting board oil, BBQ grill oil, and cast iron oil.


  • Use product sparingly as a little goes a long way.
  • Ensure surface is dry & dirt free prior to application.
  • Designate a cloth specifically for STAINLESS STEEL POLISH, as touch ups may not require additional product.
  • Store designated cloth in clean and dry space.

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