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Tamarind Fruit Tree Seeds

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Sweet & tart Tamarind originates from tropical Africa. This is an easy-to-grow tree with divine fruit, which can even be grown in pots in colder climates, to bring inside in winter.

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Tamarind is a delightful fruit that grows on trees, indigenous to tropical Africa.

tamarindResembling large bean pods with hard shells on the outside, tamarind reveals a soft textured flesh on the inside that is both tangy & sweet in such a perfect way. Large, shiny, black seeds inside a thin husk run throughout the length of the fruit.

There is a sweet variety of tamarind, and a sweet & sour variety. Sweet & sour is my personal favorite – I love the sweet-tart flavor! The flavor is almost that of a tangy raisin.

It’s easy to grow tamarind trees at home, even if you live in cold areas, like Canada. These trees must be brought inside for winter in colder regions.

I’ve grown many tamarind trees, and they are hearty with good drought resistance. It’s important not to over-water in the winter, to prevent root rot. Be sure to place them in a sunny window, or treat them to a grow light in darker months.

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Grow your very own organic tamarind tree at home!

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