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Granny Smith Apple Seeds

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* Be sure to grab some Apple Recipes from CookingWithKimberly.com too!

Product Information

Order Granny Smith Apple Seeds 2 seeds @ $1.27
  • Granny Smith Apple Seeds - CookingWithKimberly.com StoreEver wanted to grow your very own Apple Tree?
  • How about a Granny Smith Apple Tree? Sounding good so far?

These Granny Smith apple seeds came from the apples off the apple tree right out of the “Cooking with Kimberly” Garden in Ontario, Canada!

You will receive 2 “Cooking with Kimberly” Granny Smith Apple Tree Seeds, so you can grow your very own Granny Smith Apple Tree at your own home.

These apples grow to be large and beautifully ‘apple green’ with crisp, sweet, white flesh. Crunchy and fabulous to cook apple recipes with, you’ll be so excited to enjoy the Spring apple blossoms, all the way through the beginning of Fall when you harvest the remaining apples from your awesome tree!

* Don’t Forget: An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away!

* There are limited quantities – order today!

* Be sure you are able to receive seeds in the mail to your country. It is not the responsibility of CWK, your package is refused. There are no refunds for this reason.

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